Simple yet effective electrical connection for Micro Layouts

Simple yet effective electrical connection for Micro Layouts

I’ve recently built a micro layout – a small 22″ X 15″ layout that is packed with features – 2 standard gauge HO track and one HOn30 narrow gauge track. It is really a small space for HO Scale however, with little creativity, you can still have some good animation with very simple circuits available online.

A little dual gauge micro layout

Made for show and travel, there were a few fancy features that had to be incorporated in this rather little diorama:

  • It is a portable set up for show and photography, so needed an onboard power pack that doesn’t require a wired connection
  • Given the little space available, One controller should be able to control both the broad and narrow gauge lines, however, they should run in opposite direction if desired for some variety.
  • The little fiddle tracks must have safety features to stop the locos automatically so that no special attention has to be paid when you’re taking photos or videos of your model trains or talking to somone on a show.

With these features in mind, I created a basic electrical circuit to achieve all of these features, here is the diagram:

Wiring diagram for a little diorama that I made. It’s a good template for any portable /show layout set-up, especially analogue micro layouts.

As you can see most items here are commnonly available at any part of the world. I have made a list of it here. Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualified purchases.

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