The primary Objective of Trains and Dioramas is to help people and organizations enjoy the wonderful world of miniatures and achieve a well crafted model that can showcase YOUR DREAM - whether it is a long freight train led by lone steam engine of the by-gone age tearing through the vast meadows leaving behind the melancholy cloud of white steam, or if it is that street-side corner from your childhood memories that doesn't exist anymore other than in those old photographs. You are free to chose whatever services you need from our catalog - individual services like track planning, layout design (carpentry, electrical, theme, loco and rolling stock selection etc.), OR if you are in India, UK or Germany, taking care of the complete development  of your Model Train Layout or Diorama

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Our creations have been featured in multiple international magazines and some of our works have followers all across the globe.​

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We are spread out Globally and have over 70 years of collective experience with miniature art and technology

Arguably the 'Greatest Hobby in the World', Model Railroading is no doubt one of the most elaborate and engaging indoor activities you can have. Apart from your love of trains, it also requires multiple skills - planning, carpentry, electrical, crafting miniatures, and in today's scenario, a fair amount of digital technology and computer knowledge​​. The complexity of a model railroad depends on various factors - your ambition (how large the project is, what degree of sophistication you want to achieve, the ultimate goal on quality of scenery etc.) and often due to a wrong start a model railroad project fails. We are here to make sure that doesn't happen with you.

While not as elaborate as Model Railroading, Dioramas and static models focus primarily on a particular scene and theme and has its own set of specialties (Sci-Fi, War, Ships, Vehicles, Figures etc.) and requires a fair degree of research and artistic abilities.

​​If you are familiar with the world of miniatures, or when you know more about it, you will know that this is a hobby like none other - it requires investment in all forms - time, money and real estate, thus a wrong start can cost dear and might make you turn your face away from this wonderful creativity forever.
That's where we come in - no matter what size is your budget, space and ability to devote time, through our decades of collective experience in this hobby and trade, we can guide you precisely to achieve your goal without burning a hole in your pocket, or wasting valuable real estate and time. We divide all our projects in well defined phases when we respond to your proposal in the first place (for which you don't have to pay a penny), so that you can take the right decision. Execution and quality is the key, and we take both of them seriously.

Whether for your personal hobby, corporate vanity display or commercial display, we can marry the art and science of miniatures that suits budget and meets all your requirements

Your dream miniature model… can be a reality.

Have you ever imagined yourself as the Gulliver and wondered about the vast world of miniatures?
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Do you want to showcase an impressive piece of miniature art as a central attraction in your office reception?
Or do you want to own a private world of Lilliput in your living room?


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