Little Things Matter

We humans are tiny! No matter how big we think ourselves to be, in the grandeur of our universe that spans across 93 billion light years, we are insignificant. At the same time in all probability, we humans, and our little blue-green planet is the most fascinating marvels in the universe.

This gives us inspiration to see the world through a Lilliputian lens. Miniature art is something that you can see, feel and many a times they work exactly like the real thing, or represent it. These wonderful creations project our reality, our history, our fiction and imagination, things from our childhood fantasy to very real pain of our terrible past - all down to the most important details. They embody us humans and all that we are, in a scaled-down version.

In Trains and Dioramas, we celebrate everything miniature and satisfy our desire of everlasting creativity. Please take a look around, have fun and get inspired!

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