The Barge: Episode 2 – Ultimate Weathering

The Barge: Episode 2 – Ultimate Weathering

This is The Wife speaking!

So, the Episode 2 of The Barge is now published. After Kaustav built the barge out of styrene as you saw in Episode 1 (If you haven’t, find it at the bottom of this post), he needed to paint and weather it. Now, you can watch that right here – check it out:

I like it when he uses black primer. The models start looking so stealthy. But those looks are temporary as he soon covered it with paint. He felt lazy to make a new custom paint so he took the paint mix he made to make trees and added black and brown to darken it, put it in the airbrush and shoot! In fact, all the paints are from his previously made batches, he didn’t make any custom color specifically for this project.

And by the way, he flunked at airbrushing! I don’t know whether he was sleeping or dreaming, all I heard from the other room was that ‘Oh! S**t!’ I came to investigate and found that he spilled his paint from the airbrush cup on the model! I know what you’re thinking – it might happen to anybody on a bad day. I know! But I am allowed have some fun out of his embarrassment once in a while, especially since it happens so rare! By the way, he cleverly removed all that from his video as if no one would notice. But I did and intervened to give you guys the real picture. I am not mean, I just want him to realize that it’s OK to have stupid moments and share it with all – no one is perfect!

To his credit though, had I not told you guys, you would have never known where he screwed up! It’s a credit to not to mess it up, but when it does happen, the bigger credit is to use it to your advantage rather than letting it ruin the whole thing. That’s an essential part of being a good artist, I think. And that’s why I provided my not so secret commentary in the video so that you can see first hand where things didn’t go as planned and what he did to cleverly cover it up.

I am getting a hang of this though – pulling his leg once in a while. I will be back soon in the wings for his future videos – possibly even Episode 3 of The Barge. Stay tuned!

Now, here is Episode 1 again if you haven’t had a chance to catch it yet.

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