Scratch-building a Lift Bridge in N Scale: Design

Scratch-building a Lift Bridge in N Scale: Design

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Developing a Reference Drawing

The span of the bridge that I need to build is 250 mm (10”). It was essential for me to create a 1:1 drawing of the project first.  An endeavor like this, without a reference drawing, is very difficult to successfully complete. I decided to use the free version of the SketchUp as the drawing tool. It is very easy to learn how to operate the tool, and there are good ‘help’ articles and resources that are easily available. It took me just an extended evening to create this drawing in the SketchUp software. The tool also provides multiple views; parallel projection, two point perspective and perspective, along with 7 camera positions (Top View, Front View, Isometric View, etc.). This gives you immense flexibility to inspect your project, in depth, from all sides. You can use it for reference in every stage as you build. SketchUp also calculates accurate dimensions of all the parts you need to measure as you build your bridge. Once you have a complete design, follow it very closely as you build your structure.

Multiple views of the Bascule Lift Bridge
Isometric View of the Bascule Brudge (dimensions in inches)
Perspective view of the Bascule Bridge (dimensions in mm)

It might seem like an overkill, but these drawings were of great help during the building process as we will see. Make sure to subscribe to the blog so that you continue to receive the upcoming posts on building this beautiful bridge.

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